Do you want to extend your mortgage? Would you like to negotiate new terms? Mortgage renewal is the perfect opportunity.

What’s a mortgage renewal?

When your mortgage agreement matures, you can pay it off in full or decide to renew it (as is or with new terms). This is called a mortgage renewal.

What’s the difference between a mortgage renewal and mortgage refinancing?

On one hand, a mortgage renewal involves extending an existing mortgage by setting a new term and possibly modifying its conditions.

On the other hand, mortgage refinancing involves taking out a new mortgage by combining several credits into a single monthly payment through the mortgage of a property.

How do I renew a mortgage?

When you receive your mortgage renewal notice from your lender, you can renew your contract without modifying it or negotiate adjustments:

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  • Increase the amount or frequency of your mortgage payments
  • Change the duration of your loan
  • Modify the interest rate (fixed / variable)
  • Make additional prepayments


When you renew your mortgage, you can also transfer your mortgage to another institution.
Finally, the maturity of a mortgage agreement is also an opportunity to refinance a mortgage.

What Multi-Prêts Hypothèques can do for you

By analyzing your situation and your specific needs, your Multi-Prêts Hypothèques broker can make you the best possible offer to save you money on your mortgage renewal, whether or not you opt for refinancing.