Are you ready to purchase a new home? What about your financing options?
Buying a property is a significant expense. This is why mortgages have an essential role: they allow you to buy property and live there while paying for it during an established period of time. Familiarize yourself with the concepts surrounding the mortgage industry and how you can mortgage a home. By meeting one of our brokers brokers, you minimize the risks involved with brokerage as we have the power of negotiation with more than 20 recognized financial institutions.
Buying a property generally requires:

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  • A minimum down payment (5% of the purchase price);
  • Proof of your ability to pay the various costs associated with the purchase (lawyer, moving, etc…) which represent 1.5% of the property costs.

The Anna Peluso Multi-Prêts Team takes everything into consideration and presents solutions that fit your lifestyle, your budget and your long-term financial needs. Whatever your needs may be, we have a mortgage solution for you!