Loan calculator

Using a mortgage loan calculator is an essential step when you want to purchase real estate. Fast, convenient, and easy to use, it lets you get clear answers even before you set up a meeting with your financial advisor.

Our loan calculator helps you determine the main elements of a loan intended to finance your real estate investments by facilitating the comparison of the costs and conditions of the various loan options.

The loan calculator tools

The first tool calculates the gross annual income of the borrowers. It’s based on annual salaries as well as potential rental earnings and allowances. These earnings must be regular, especially if the amortization period is long.

Then come the total monthly debts, which correspond to the:

  • borrowers’ fees;
  • estimated heating costs;
  • condo fees (joint ownership);
  • various taxes.

Then enter the percentage of your Multi-Prêts rate as well as the displayed rate. To find out these rates, just choose the ones that suit you the best from the table on the right entitled “Daily Rates.”

The amortization period, meanwhile, corresponds to the repayment period of your loan.

What are the advantages of a loan calculator?

The mortgage loan calculator doesn’t require any special skill and lets you know your borrowing capacity in just a few clicks. With this tool, you can compare your monthly installments based on your income and expenses.

Make sure that you obtain all the necessary supporting documents even before making an appointment with your financial advisor (because they will ask for these documents), and don’t forget to calculate the insurance contributions.

Do you want to know your borrowing capacity? Trust our calculator and get reliable answers in just a few clicks!