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Mortgage broker in Montreal

Mortgages, more than simple interest rates…

Over time, mortgage products have evolved and have become more sophisticated. Although terms of payment and rates are the main conditions of a mortgage, others such as flexible repayment, terms for renewal, as well as mortgage formulas (i.e., lines of credits, equity loans, etc …) can influence the choices that best suit you.

Comparing rates is not sufficient in determining the appropriate mortgage product for your needs. Various financial institutions have designed and offer a variety of formulas for mortgage loans, which require a thorough review to make the best choice.

Our team of mortgage brokers is always on the lookout for the latest news and anxious to present the easiest and more adequate solutions to your particular case in any eventuality.

You can rely on the service we provide and trust that we will present the best options for your mortgage financing needs (including the best rates available, of course …).

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